Introduction to project management

In the course, we will show you practical ways to explore and understand your goals from the outset of your project, and to consider all the factors that may affect its execution. It has designed some of the certifications in a way where it talks about the core project management, risk management, scheduling, etc.

And because there is change there are likely to be risks so risk management is also thrown into the project management mix. Business Process Improvement and elimination of redundancy will be highlighted as we look at ways to increase the organization and efficiency of managing a project.

Introduction to SAQA, the course and unit standard, Administration that is required for assessment, What is a project. It is the initiation, planning and control of a range of tasks required to deliver this end product, which could be a physical product, it could be new software or something less tangible like a new way of working.

There is truly something for everyone. Save for later Favourite This is the first in a monthly series of posts looking at the fundamentals of project management for anyone new to the profession or those considering entering it.

The group project will reinforce information from other project management classes B. Because every project will involve some type of change, change management is an integral part of the PM process. The course covers the complete project life cycle, from initial project proposal and definition, through project implementation, and finally to the often neglected project completion phase.

For all but the simplest projects a formal approach to managing a project works best. Site visitation, contract reviews, and modification support must be matched to initial goals.

A Hazardous Journey Management tactics depend on a plan that works around the risks involved. Participants will be given more problem solving tools and learn how to advance a project towards completion. Participants will develop skills in resource allocation, document preparation and leadership development while learning how goals drive a project.

Compliance with government requirements can be a boon as well because they provide a ready-made framework. There are small - focussed - discussion groups that will challenge you, non-traditional assignments that will cause you to question your preconceptions and plenty of learning-by-doing.

Or use it to find and download high-quality how-to PowerPoint ppt presentations with illustrated or animated slides that will teach you how to do something new, also for free.

Breakdowns of the contract packages related to tenderers, suppliers, and other intermediaries. So what have I said already about projects that require formal management. In Introduction to Project Management, you will learn practical ways to use project management skills, whether your project is large or small.

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the project management discipline and to enable you to start operating in a project environment by understanding the terminology used and interpreting and explaining the fundamental concepts of project management.

Coordination of multiple tasks and projects will show how the Project Manager can accomplish numerous objectives simultaneously. The eligibility criteria to apply for each of these certificates is different, e.

Participants will review several case studies that involve problem solving of complex projects and how they can be resolved.

Project management - an introduction

Machines, interpretation of tests, and comparing materials data. These personnel are optional, though, and usually used when a large, complicated job is underway. Since every project relies on the people who are delivering it, the course also enables you to explore how you can effectively communicate, manage people and employ leadership skills to successfully deliver your own project.

Gustavson School of Business Markham Street. Determining how scope creep can slow down the project processes and completion.

Jan 26, End Date: From strategy to project tasks, Organisation structures. Emphasis is placed on meeting deadlines while still being budget guidelines. Once those choices have been made, the most suitable contracts can be chosen.

Jan 27, Tuition: The control imposed by a formal approach is essential when there are complexities such as new technology, inter-dependent tasks, teams spread across several departments or companies, or where teams are located in different parts of the world; all common occurrences in many business projects.

Your learning in this course will also be supported by a range of resources including cases studies, readings, lecture notes and references. This course is made up of short lectures, definitive case histories, role play and theory joined with the latest real life experience. He's held various project management leadership positions in the public and private sectors.

Produce something new or altered: You can contact the program coordinator or the Disability Liaison Unit if you would like to find out more. Procedures must be planned according to a prioritization matrix.

In this foundational two-day course, you'll obtain a solid understanding of project management methods, gain practical experience in proven project management techniques, and discover a wealth of valuable, flexible tools that you can use immediately to ensure the success of.

The purpose of this course is to introduce you to the project management discipline and to enable you to start operating in a project environment by understanding the terminology used and interpreting and explaining the fundamental concepts of project management.

Project management is the discipline of defining and achieving finite objectives. The challenge of project management is the optimized integration and allocation of the inputs needed to meet those pre-defined objectives.

Introduction to the Project Management Professional (PMP Get a high-level overview of the Project Management Professional (PMP)® exam—the ultimate test for project managers.

Introduction to Project Management

PMP is a registered mark of the Project. A Gentle Introduction to Agile and Lean Software Development (Agile, Agile Coaching, Agile Software Development, Agile Project Management, Scrum, Scrum Product Owner, XP, Lean, Lean Software).

Project Management is a complex and all-inclusive business discipline. This introductory subject aims to give the learner an understanding of the body of knowledge associated with the discipline, including an introduction to the established PMBOK framework of Project Management; its tools and processes and the cross-reliant and iterative.

Introduction to project management
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