An introduction to the history and music of portishead

Could it be true, as mentioned on p. He cranked out the expected similar ballads such as "You Take My Breathe Away" which began with a rather cool multi- tracked vocal intro turned piano ballad and outroed the same way. It describes for a general audience the company's contributions in various aspects of commercial shortwave transmission.

It is in Portuguese and English, and it contains much interesting information, including a description and photos of the station, a day-by-day list of the programs, with fuller descriptions of certain programs, news of Brazil's war effort, and reception reports from listeners.

Radio Moscow - Radio Moscow, whose signal once blanketed the shortwave bands, is now but a memory.

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Although he did not pursue a career in broadcasting, his stories were instrumental in convincing Mick to take up a career in electronics.

Here is one for the period January-March This program features Lech Kowalski's documentary feature about the life and times of Ramones bassist and all-star burn out, Dee Dee Ramone Portishead Radio was born in which saw the creation of a telephone control centre for non-direct dialled calls to maritime vessels.

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Here is a French-English promotional pamphlet that "Radio-France" made available to those wishing to send telegrams. One looks to be a regular RUCR envelope note the inclusion of the shortwave channel on the bottom front, but not the backwith two stamps commemorating the writing of the lyrics to the Costa Rican national anthem by Jose Maria Zeledon, and a cancellation commemorating the 55th anniversary of the station.

Another was the increasingly common use of dance-music production techniques in pop and hip-hop e. Included are the newsletter's first issue, published in the fourth quarter ofplus issues from the third quarter of and the first quarter of The former Bedminster workhouse in following its splendid restoration.

The allegations concerned the suspected manslaughter of a year-old female inmate of the Bedminster workhouse named Hannah Wiltshire.

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Waters' inflatable prop pig flew away during his set. The club also had two pages in Radio Portugal's quarterly listener magazine. EDM Electronic dance music, also known as EDM, umbrella term for a panoply of musical styles that emerged in the mids. Several factors played a role.

We have also posted a promotional item, "Radio Netherlands International Bonaire Relay Station," which appears to have been written circa The Unheard Music X: The Pennant Hills Sydney shortwave broadcast transmitter is shown on p.

Chicago and Detroit Electronic dance music has existed in some form since at least the early s. WUMS was one of the longest operating pirates, usually heard on the broadcast band. This is the very same show, hand-picked and re-edited in by It increased power to 10 kw. There are some online references to the station's history here and also to the celebration here.

Live At The 9: Among the best sources of signals were the stations in the countries of what was then called French West Africa and French Equatorial Africa. Located northwest of Madagascar, the French island territory came on shortwave in by way of a Radiodiffusion Television Francaise station transmitting from Dzaoudzi on the island of Mayotte.

Thanks to Jim Cumbie of Texas for sending this in. WWJ - The battle over who was the "first" broadcasting station in the U. Read More Kraftwerk and The Electronic Revolution As innovative as they are influential, Kraftwerk's contribution to the development of electronic music since their formation in remains unsurpassed.

Previously we have posted a number of items pertaining to the Courier, and we have now consolidated them on one page. In later years the magazine published other station descriptions as well, and we have gathered together some and posted them here.

Amalgamated Wireless Australasia Ltd. Despite this low power, many were routine catches on east coast afternoons. Such was the case with this item from the BBC. Here is an ROFA newsletter that appears to date from early File 1 The first contains three outside views of the administrative facilities, a view of the transcontinental left and continental right stations and antenna farms, and a view of one of the tower bases: Four Articles from Radio Amateur - Here are four short articles, with photos, from several issues of the British publication Radio Amateur, which carried some shortwave broadcast news, including features.

That was just prior to the ship's arrival in New York, from the Caribbean, on June 18, for refitting before sailing for Rhodes on July SSB feeder transmitter in Monrovia, which operated in the 49 and 75 meter bands and could be heard in the U. Some of music's biggest names come together to honor the ultimate ico It was published in or some time thereafter, and provides a brief description of the station's operation until that time.

portishead radio the world's most famous maritime radio station. Aug 01,  · Portishead in Portishead - a 31 minute piece filmed in December in the drama block at Geoff Barrow's old school, Gordano School in Portishead and featuring 7 songs from Third.

Category Music. Portishead's Concert History. Portishead are a band from Bristol, United Kingdom, named after a small coastal town twelve miles west of said musical hotbed, in North Somerset. A Comprehensive History of the Workhouse by Peter Higginbotham. Bedminster (Long Ashton from ), Somerset [Bibliography] Up to A parliamentary report of recorded parish workhouses in operation at Bedminster (for up to 60 inmates) and Winford (14 inmates).

Portishead / p ɔːr t ɪ s ˈ h ɛ d / is a coastal town on the Severn Estuary, close to Bristol, but within the unitary authority of North Somerset, which falls within the ceremonial county of Somerset, has a population of around 25, with a growth rate considerably in excess of surrounding towns.

Portishead has a long history as a fishing port. As a.

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Between and the band developed and hosted a very successful annual music festival and was a member of the International Federation of Music festivals. This along with the Brass Academy was responsible for the introduction of numerous local children to the world of banding.

An introduction to the history and music of portishead
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